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Four-point inspection

Unlike full home inspections, a 4-point home inspection focuses only on four systems, i.e., Roof, HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing. These four contribute to the optimal functioning of a home. With showers, gas, lights, and an air system in place, a home feels safe and comfortable to live. In contrast, a problem in any of the above could disrupt the functioning and might lead to serious damage. 

Polk Home Inspections have highly talented and experienced home inspectors trained to perform safe and professional 4-point inspections. We thoroughly assess every component and prepare an inspection report that is understandable by buyers, sellers and insurance companies. 

Our 4-point home inspection include

  • Roofing (Age, Fasteners, SWR, Nailing, Connections etc.)
  • Plumbing system (Age, Defects, Detection of Materials, Flow, etc.)
  • HVAC system (Defects, Age, Last Renovations, Heating/cooling Methods)
  • Electrical System (Wiring’s, GFCI, Last Renovations, etc.

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