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Mobile home inspection

Manufactured homes are built somewhere else and relocated to sit permanently at the buyer’s location. Thus, there is a significant change in their construction process, especially the foundation. On-site built homes have concrete or wooden foundations seated deep in the soil. However, mobile homes are lightweight and have steel frames that are attached to the foundation. 

Polk Home Inspections keep their services par with the housing market and invest in training and resources that prepare inspectors for a mobile home inspection. Our home inspectors use their experience and skills to thoroughly assess the various components of a manufactured/mobile home. 

Our mobile home inspection includes:

  • Vapor Barrier inspection. It is affixed underside a mobile home to eliminate entry of external elements in the foundation and flooring. 
  • Foundation Inspection: We use state-of-the-art tools and technology to identify current and potential issues in the foundation. 
  • Attachments and wirings: Our inspectors examine all the tie-downs, anchorings and bars.