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Roof inspection

The roof is an integral part of a home. It protects us and the other valuables from harmful elements, scorching sun rays and strong winds. However, over the time, the roof loses its strength. So, proper maintenance and inspection is necessary. 

Our qualified home inspectors are trained to carry out professional roof inspections irrespective of shape and size. Whether it is a flat roof, hip-shaped or gable, our home inspectors have adequate knowledge and skills to precisely find the defects and suggest improvements as required. 

We use safe and reliable methods to inspect your roof and outline the defects in our professional reports. 

Our roof inspection include

  • Roof to Wall connections
  • Roof Shapes 
  • Wrappings 
  • Nailing
  • Secondary Water Resistance (SWR)
  • Fasteners 

So, make the right choice and book your roof inspection in Polk County with AHIT-certified home inspectors. Call us now for a free quote!