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Tie-down inspection

Mobile homes or manufactured homes use tie-down systems to achieve stability. A lightweight manufactured home with improper and weak tie-downs may lose its strength in strong winds. Thus, you should use only the best systems available. Older mobile homes use ‘over-the-top’ tie-downs, which are located at exterior siding and metal roofs. These systems depreciate the appearance of the house. Now, builders use ‘Frame-Anchor’ tie-down systems that are attached to the home’s frame rails. They give better stability against strong winds. 

To ensure your mobile home is safe and protected against strong winds, a professional tie-down inspection is a must. Polk Home Inspection has certified and licensed mobile home inspectors who inspect all the components and provide you an easy-to-understand inspection report. 

Our tie-down inspection includes

  • Ground anchors (Metal rods)
  • Hook-up and tension devices
  • Sidings
  • Fasteners and straps
  • Roof protectors 

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