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ROOF INSPECTIONS: It is recommended to have periodic Roof Inspections done when you have 'a roof over your head'! It brings peace in mind and keep family members safe. A proper roof with adequate ventilation can last more less twenty years. Our qualified (certified, licensed, & insured) inspectors are professionally trained to perform comprehensive roof inspections can be useful to your insurance need and as well as your safety. Roof to Wall connections, Roof Shapes, Wrappings, Nailing, Secondary Water Resistance SWR), Fasteners etc. are the main area of Roof Inspections. Visit Polk Home Inspection on the web and or call us at 863-513-9426.

Four Point Inspection, FL. Insurance inspection in polk county, fl
 FOUR POINT INSPECTIONS: Often required by insurance companies, our four-point home inspection is also popular among sellers wishing to avoid late-stage surprises during the sale of their home. This examination includes the major components of a home:
  • Roofing (Age, Fasteners, SWR, Nailing, Connections etc.)
  • Plumbing system (Age, Defects, Detection of Materials, Flow etc.)
  • HVAC system (Defects, Age, Last Renovations, Heating/cooling Methods)
  • Electrical System (Wiring's, GFCI, Last Renovations etc.
Wind Mitigation Inspection in Polk County, FL

WIND MITIGATIONS: Wind mitigation is sometimes referred to as a windstorm inspection. Homeowners want to be sure that their property is protected in the event of unpredictable weather conditions. Having a wind mitigation inspection can help you limit possible damage when the storms come and may qualify you for a discount or credit on your homeowners insurance policy. Illustrating Opening Protections of house is one of the main reasons why Wind Mitigations Inspections report required by insurance company. Main areas of inspections are: Roof to Wall Connections, Age of Roof Coverings, Roof Deck Attachments, Secondary Water Resistance and Protected Openings.

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Nasir Uddin
Home Inspector
Local Home Inspection
Lakeland, FL

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