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      There are mainly two different types of manufactured homes available. Single wide and double wide. Home Inspections in general, is a required by Federal Housing Administrations (FHA), Veteran Affairs (VA) and most other financial institutions. Manufactured Homes (Mobile Home) are too !! Manufactured homes are built elsewhere and bring in to the in the mobile park or place of choice permanently. This permanent installation needs to be supported by tie-downs & appropriate methods of anchoring. Manufactured homes need to have their house properly supported and locked down per the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and state laws regarding these types of homes.

Tie Down:
Our experienced Home inspectors are dedicated to perform Mobile Home Inspections to provide peace of mind to the home owners or new buyers. Tie downs are anchors or straps that robust enough to keep the manufactured home stable even when high winds are blowing. Manufactured homes are more vulnerable during windstorms. Therefore, it is important to schedule a timely mobile home tie down inspection.

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Home Inspector
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